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Syria: Lest we forget

Syria: Lest we forget I don’t normally touch on non-Japan related issues, but the civil war in Syria is too important not to comment on. While it is out of sight, having largely disappeared from our newspapers and evening bulletins, … Continue reading

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Ten trips off the beaten track in Japan

If you`re reading this, you probably have some interest in Japan. Perhaps you live there, perhaps you`ve been there on holiday. If you`re interested in exploring the country a little more, I hope this list will give you some inspiration … Continue reading

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An alternative guide to Toyama

An Alternative Guide to Toyama, Japan Visitors coming to my wonderful hometown of Toyama City today might want to orient themselves with a look around the Muslim quarter to see the famous Umayyad mosque, a reminder of the 700 year … Continue reading

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Hokuriku Highway Blues: Part Two

When we last left you, the dashing Mr. Lomas and I had just been picked up by the Yamazaki family. Their warm car was a wonder after the drizzling shits of Nagaoka, and Mrs. Yamazaki was, admirably, drinking a cup … Continue reading

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Hokuriku Highway Blues (Part 1)

Hitchhiking never crossed my mind as a way to travel in the UK. Too dangerous, I told myself. Too much chance of meeting a pub bore who would pick you up only in order to secure a captive audience for … Continue reading

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